Large Oversize Voor moro bag


Baggy and really huge bag in the shape of a boat. The outer material is a camo fabric in the waterproof ortalion grade. Inside there is a solid brown suede lining, and three pockets in it - two open ones and one closed with a zipper. Closure of the bag with two zippers meeting in the middle. You can wear it both on one arm and flip over your head. It's great on the back, so it's also useful for cyclists. Perfect for both high and low people, but certainly for those who like OVERSIZE style. Tested by young mothers, it works great as a bag overhanging on a pram.

The optimal load is about 4 kg for long-term use. From time to time you can carry a load of 5-6 kg. We recommend washing the bag at 30 ° C. The UNISEX model.

Did you know that you can choose the VEGE version? In a very simple way you can inform us that you do not accept any elements of animal origin. Just under the description, click on the chosen option.

Dimensions when laid flat:

length of the bag from the base to the end of the slider - 90 cm

height from the bottom to the top edge of the bag - 60 cm

the bottom of the bag - 15 cm

Personalization! On the inner pocket, we embroider your name, initials, any text (up to three words). Provide such information in the comments to the order and you will receive a unique bag.

If you want to design this model in your own way,


Delivery time: 6 - 10 working days because we make every piece especially for you.

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