Store shall generate and deliver Orders from the territory of the Republic of Poland.
Deliveries are shipped in the form selected by Client subject to provisions that delivery of Good is limited to the forms specified by Seller in the Order form and the “Delivery and payment” tab. Order processing time, from the day of payment to day of package’s submission to Carrier, is 6-10 working days.

Costs of good delivery are incurred by Client. The cost shall be calculated based on delivery prices indicated in Order form and amount of ordered Goods, also specified in Order form. Upon making selections by Client, the cost of delivery shall be included into the cost of Order in the summary. Costs of delivery shall be expressed in Euro currency and include tax on goods and services (VAT).


Germany 7,30 euro
Austria 7,30 euro
Slovakia 7,30 euro
Belgium 7,30 euro
Denmark 8,50 euro
Czech Republic 7,30 euro
Estonia 9,00 euro
Finland 9,70 euro
Netherlands 7,30 euro
France 11,80 euro
Luxembourg 8,70 euro
Spain 11-12,30  euro
Lithuania 7,50 euro
Latvia 7,80 euro
Slovenia 8,70 euro
Sweden 9,70 euro
Hungary 7,80 euro
Great Britain 11,80 euro
Bulgaria 25,00 euro
Croatia 21,00 euro
Cyprus 70,00 euro
Greece 28,00 euro
Ireland 28,00 euro
Malta 73,00 euro
Portugal 28,00 euro
Romania 19,00 euro
Italy 21,00 euro
Ukraine 25,00 euro
Belarus 25,00 euro
Iceland 70,80 euro
North America 10,40-19,66 euro
Australia and Oceania 17,50-18,24 euro
Asia 12-16,58 euro
South America 12,08-16,58 euro
Africa 10,42-19,66 euro
Rest of the world 11,84 euro

If the event Client selects the option “personal receipt in workshop” in Order form – the service is free of charge. The condition for reception of Good in the workshop is making payment for the amount of Order. Order shall not be submitted for realization if the payment for the amount of Order is not made.

Good shall be shipped at address specified in Order form. Seller shall contact Client immediately in case an inappropriately filled-out form prevents effective delivery of Order.
Time for delivery of Order on the territory of Poland shall take up to 7 (seven) Working Days or 14 (fourteen) days outside Poland, counted from the day the Order is completed and shipped by Seller.
In the event Order suffers from attrition or damage before being shipped, Carrier is responsible to immediately draw up a report on conditions of the shipment and circumstances of such damages. Carrier also ought to perform such deed upon request from Client in case Client asserts that the parcel is damaged. The hazard of accidental loss or damage to Good shall be transferred to Client at the moment it is delivered to Client.

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