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Marcelina Rozmus -Prinz-a good year '87, born in Starogard Gdański, Poland, the third after a sister Daniela and a brother Kamil. For over 30 years the Rozmus family has been looking for a planet from which she was sent by aliens to the Earth. Frankly speaking you don't have to get to know Marcelina very well as she conquers hearts with honesty and naturalness.It is supposed that she can't remember dates but she is the best at building the handbags empire.

If she organized the championship in losing this or that ,she would break the records for sure. Marcelina is a founder of MANOWNIA. A few years ago she put a thesis that each business is possible. The only thing which you have to do is to act better or diffrent from the rest of the world.Sooner or later all your business is doing by itself because you are unique.Even if somebody breaths down your neck,it doesn't mean anything to you All her school years passed under the sign of art - theatres,orchestras ,choirs and cabarets. Later there were studies at Warmiński-Mazurski and Gdańsk University.She studied journalism,public relations and advertisement.It gave her basis for future job challenges.The greatest passion and at the same time addiction and pleasure for Marcelina is both running her own company,leadership and gaining common goals. However ,the greatest love and power is a family. Work and private life entwines in one. But all could fall apart if not her dearest person-Łuki.

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