Mana Mana brand was created in 2011 in Starogard Gdański, Poland, in a small room in a family house. The first idea for bussiness was computer embroidery. I decided to fill the niche.

The first orders were from the internet. I felt  in this virtual world very well. I took photos of my specimen and I published them on ad websites. It was really fascinating and strange that I received orders with so little experience. I was learning with  each, new order and I was more and  more into it. At that time there were no courses, training, workshops or theme websites. All know-how was closed in the four walls of huge textile industry.

All what I learnt - I learnt by MYSELF - from M to F. At first I had to become a graphic. I learnt to work in vector graphic as it was indispensible to work on the embroidery machine. Later I  turned into a digital embroidery specialist. Since that time I have been repeating myself and my friends - if you want you can do everything: to build a spaceship or ride an ostrich ;) , if not it is only an excuse. Everything is possible!

When my mum, just for curiosity, had sewn a handbag from felt cuttings and embroided it with a folk 'kociewski' design Mana Mana started to develop. It was the first Mana Mana which was sold just in an hour after publishing a photo on FB.

It was THAT! Orders were flowing  from all over the country. Very soon my life changed into handbags madness. It has been lasting since then. Thanks to internet services Mana Mana became a tiny but appreciated handbags brand .The most powerful was FB.

Today, when I start to remind my beginning, I can't explain how it is possible to appear on the market without business, marketing

or e-commerce knowledge. But it happened - MANA MANA has existed. The joke about a woman who did 'work' because she didn't know that it was impossible to do, came true.

To spread the market I and my fiance moved to Gdynia. We created the workshop in a small rented flat. However we were on the move all time due to the fact that we were driving between Starogard and Gdynia as we had to sew handbags in my hometown Unfortunately this way of life made us completely exhausted.

We understood that we had to separate private life from business one. We decided to rent a place in the city center. As we thought we did and we created our first workplace 'MANOWNIA' from the scratch with the architect group - MALAGA. It  took us 2 months.

This place started to shrink as we had more and more clients and equipment. It was time for next move. We found a beautiful, sunny place just at the corner our old workplace. Since then 3 Maja 20 street has become our new address.

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