1. Personal data provided by Client is processed by the Seller who is Personal Data Administrator (PDA) within the meaning of the August 29th, 1997 Act on the Protection of Personal Data (1997 Journal of Laws No. 133 Item 883 as amended). Your personal data shall be processed by Mana Mana Marcelina Rozmus-Prinz with its seat in Starogard Gdański, Asnyka 3, 83-200.

The aim and scope of the processed personal data is defined by the scope of permissions and supplemented data, in particular sent by means of respective forms. Processing of personal data of Clients may refer to their e-mail address, place of residence, forename and surname, phone number and computer IP.

Personal data shall be processed in order to:

  • observe legal regulations,
  • manage the Order, including services rendered by e-mail,
  • process complaints made and manage other activities referred to in the Rules,
  • effect promotional and trade actions of the Seller.

In order to complete the agreement, the internet store may make personal data provided by you available with the following entities:
DHL EXPRESS Sp. z o.o.
Osmańska 2 
02-823 Warszawa
KRS [National Court Register No.] 0000047237
NIP [Taxpayer’s Identification No.] 5270022391

e-payments operators:


In such cases, the amount of data provided is limited to the required minimum. Moreover, information provided by you may be made available with competent public authorities provided it is required pursuant to valid legal regulations.

Providing personal data and consent to processing thereof shall be voluntary, however failure to provide consent to processing personal data marked as obligatory shall hinder rendering services and completing agreements by the Seller.

Such consents may be withdrawn at any moment by sending such a request at an e-mail address or ordinary address of the Seller mentioned in the Rules.

The legal basis for processing personal data referred to in section 3 item a is the statutory right to process data necessary with reference to legal acts, while in the case referred to in section 3 items b and c this consists in contractual right to process personal data should it be necessary to fulfil legally justified aims effected by the administrator of data or data recipients and Client’s consent.

Data is made available solely for effecting the Order and completing electronic services agreements (to the carrier and the company rendering accounting services to the benefit of the Seller). Personal data obtained by the Seller may also be made available to competent national bodies at the request thereof pursuant to respective legal regulations, and other individuals and entities provided for by legal regulations.

Making personal data available to entities unauthorised in accordance with these Rules may occur solely under the previous consent of the Client whom data refers to.

Clients have the right to check their personal data included in data sets, and in particular the right to access their personal data, supplement and correct thereof by making such request with the Seller, demand temporary or permanent withholding of processing thereof or removing thereof should it be incomplete, invalid, false or has been obtained in violation of the act or is already obsolete with reference to completing the aim in relation to which it has been obtained, raise an objection with reference to processing their personal data – in cases provided for pursuant to legal regulations – and the right to demand removing thereof should it become obsolete with reference to completing the aim in relation to which it has been obtained.

The entrusted personal data is managed and secured in accordance with principles defined under valid legal regulations: the June 29th, 1997 Act on the Protection of Personal Data (2002 Journal of Laws No. 101 Item 926 as amended), the July 18th, 2002 Act on Providing Services by Electronic Means (Journal of Laws No. 144 Item 1204 as amended), the April 29th, 2004 regulation of the Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration on personal data processing documentation and technical and organisational conditions which should be fulfilled by devices and computer systems used for the personal data processing (Journal of Laws No. 100 Item 1024).

The Seller shall apply technical and organisational means providing protection of personal data processed with reference to risks and categories of data protected, and in particular shall hold data harmless from making it available to authorised individuals, collecting thereof by an unauthorised individual, processing thereof in the manner violating the act and with reference to loss, damage or deletion.

Should the Seller be informed that the Client makes use of an electronic service inconsistently with the Rules or valid legal regulations (unauthorised use), the Seller may process Client’s personal data in the scope necessary for defining Client’s liability.

The internet service may keep http queries, therefore server’s log files may contain some information, including computer’s IP address where the query came from, the name of Client’s station – identification made by means of the http protocol and, if possible, the system date and time of registration with the website and the date and time of the query, the number of bytes sent by the server, the URL address of the page previously visited by the user, should the Client access the page through a link, information on user’s browser, and information on errors that occurred during the http transaction.

Logs may be collected as a material for correct administration of the website. Information can only be accessed by individuals authorised to administrate the computer system.

Log files can be analysed in order to produce traffic statistics at Manashop.pl and analyse errors occurring. Summing up such information does not identify Clients.

Should you provide your consent (to subscribe to the newsletter), the e-mail address provided by you will be used for marketing the Mana Mana brand products. Your consent may be withdrawn at any moment by sending an e-mail request to remove your e-mail address from the database of the Manashop.pl store.



  1. Administrator - Marcelina Rozmus-Prinz, running business activity under the name Mana Mana Marcelina Rozmus-Prinz with its seat in Starogard Gdański at Adama Asnyka 3, entered with the Central Register and Information on Economic Activity (CRIEA) run by the minister competent regarding economic affairs, NIP [Taxpayer’s Identification No.]: 5922228613; REGON [Statistical Identification No.]: 221633085.

  1. Cookies - information packages recorded on User’s device through the Website, usually containing information consistent with the purpose of a particular file by means of whom the User may access the Website;

  2. Administrator’s Cookies – Cookies added by the Administrator in order to render electronic services through Website in a correct manner;

  3. External Cookies – Cookies added by Administrator’s partners;

  4. Rules – Website’s rules available at www.manashop.pl;

  5. Website – refers to the internet page owned by the Administrator and accessed at www.manashop.pl;

  6. User – refers to the entity that may use or uses the Website in accordance with the Rules and to the benefit of whom in accordance with the Rules and pursuant to legal regulations electronic services may be rendered.


  1. For the proper operation of the Website, the Administrator makes use of Cookies files technology.

  2. Cookies usually contain the Website address, date of adding, expiry date, unique number and additional information consistent with the purpose of a particular file.

  3. The Administrator makes use of two types of Cookies:

  1. session ones that are permanently deleted when User’s browser session ends;

  2. permanent ones that remain after the browser session on User’s device ends until they are deleted.

  1. Based on Cookies, both session and permanent ones, User’s identity is unable to be determined. 

  2. Website Cookies are safe for User’s device, and in particular make viruses or other software unable to access the device.

  3. Files generated directly through the Website are unable to be read by other websites. External Cookies can be read by an external website.

  4. User may disable Cookies being recorded on their device in accordance with the instruction of the manufacturer of the browser, however this might result in a part or the whole of Website’s functions being unavailable.


  1. The Administrator uses their own Cookies for the following purpose:

    1. - Authentication of the User on Website and keeping User’s session alive;

    2. - Configuration of the Website and adjusting the content of pages to User’s preferences, such as recognising User’s device, remembering User’s selected settings,

    3. - Providing security of data and using the Website,

    4. - Ratings research and analyses,

    5. - Rendering commercial services.

  2. The Administrator uses External Cookies for the following purpose:

    1. - Creating (anonymous) statistics allowing for the optimisation of website’s utility through analytics tools, i.a. Google Analytics (cookies administrator: Google Inc. with its seat in the US),

    2. - Linking website’s functions with other external services that the user makes use of, including by means of social media, i.a. Facebook.com (cookies administrator: Facebook Inc. with its seat in the US or Facebook Ireland with its seat in Ireland).

  1. The Administrator shall render electronic services in accordance with the Rules of the Website.


  1. The User may independently delete Cookies recorded on their device at any moment following the instruction provided by the manufacturer of the browser.

  2. The User may independently change settings regarding Cookies at any moment, defining the terms of storing thereof, accessing the settings of the browser or by configuration of the service.

  3. Detailed information on managing Cookies is available in browser settings.

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